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Nice to see Maurice Sendak in such company.


Chesapeake Bay Watershed Map

So help me to understand, Internet meme guy: Are you simply stating that you do not have the cerebral capacity to both worry about west Africa and dump a bucket on your head, or are you saying you don’t believe your friends have that intellect?

If I wasn’t so polite I might be forced to point out that if one was to truly stop making donations to any organization that at some point took an action that is “in direct conflict with Catholic teaching,” one would be unable to donate to the Catholic Church. But I won’t say that because I’m too polite.


Earth’s ice and vegetation cycle over a year


Map of the world 3000 BC to 2014 CE.


Each frame is every 100 years (I wanted to do it every 50, but the file was too large for GIF format). I created the GIF using this:

All in one bacon cheeseburger.


Europe, 1919, after the First World War. The turbulent inter-war years begin.

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Kurdistan on the map, and Russia with control of the Crimea.

The more things change… 


… Damn.
I have no words.
RIP kiddo. Hope you found some peace.

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